Achieve Program 2019 Wraps!

And it's a wrap! July 17th, was the final workshop for the Helen North Achieve Programme and the class of 2019 have spent many a Wednesday evening in a classroom over the last 3 months and have earned a well deserved holiday! 

The programme is for 24 women from both VFX and Animation at differing levels of experience in their careers. There was a broad range of job roles within the group - Producers, CG Supervisors, VFX Editors, Animators, Technical support and many others.

The modules include Understanding personality types, enhancing your career prospects, achieving a better work/life balance, and presentation skills.  And best of all, the group have built their own network across different companies that will stand them in good stead for years to come.

We will share the feedback once we have drawn up the report.

We always have 3 x the number of applicants as we can have on the course, so we are hoping to run some stand alone modules that will be drop in sessions that anyone can attend.  Planning has started and we hope to announce some for the autumn before too long ! Watch this space....

And lastly, a very big thank you to Jan Armstrong and Marianne O'Connor who run the programme for us.  It is a real pleasure to work with them and if anyone would like further information on the work they offer for companies, please do let us know.

Thank you also to Escape, who generously provide us with the space to run the courses, and to Tom Box and the  Animation Skills Council for recommending the course for funding from the Animation Skills levy with Screenskills.

Louise Hussey, VFX Chair AWUK

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