AWUK-Ed Job Roles

Image credit: Liana Chirita & Nicoleta Miron as directors of ‘Off the Record’. Copyright Falmouth University 2019


A helpful guide to the specialisms of animation, listing the the skills, routes and job roles within the different disciplines.


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A cross-company initiative that promote diversity and inclusiong in the VFX industry

Lecture in Progress 

Featuring job description alongside insightful and inspiring practitioner interviews.

Job / Careers Advice




  1. ScreenSkills

The industry-led skills body for the UK's screen-based creative industries - animation, film, games, television including children's TV and high-end drama, VFX and immersive technology.

  1. AnimationBase

A career development community and online jobs network for animation & gaming.

  1. Shooting People

A vibrant community of independent filmmakers. Connect and collaborate to get films made and seen.

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