Support for Students during COVID-19

Support for Students during COVID-19

As a result of COVID-19 many students, who were looking forward to finishing their studies and celebrating graduation this year, are now faced with an uncertain future resulting from university closures. Although academic institutions are now adapting to support their students through distance learning and online feedback, the reality is many individuals have lost access to vital facilities needed to complete their work. This in turn has created a sense of unease regarding how the soon-to-be VFX and Animation graduates will find opportunities in the creative industries.

The positive news is that recruitment is continuing with many companies still on the lookout for new talent. As the industry adapts to new ways of working remotely, so in turn must students. Luckily, a large number of organisations, companies and individuals have stepped up to provide free access to online events, tutorials and free software to help students in need. AWUK Education has compiled a list of these resources, plus other tips, and will continue to seek more ways of supporting this year’s graduates during this challenging time.

Working From Home

Working from home sounds like a brilliant setup, however it can also come with difficulties such as de-motivation and home-life distractions. This article from Times Higher Education outlines a number of useful tips, including co-ordinating group chats using Skype or Zoom and organising a functional work space.

AVFX Podcast

Career Advice

ACCESS:VFX is a non-profit industry led organisation that aims to promote diversity and inclusion within VFX and Animation. Check out the ACCESS:VFX website for information on careers and employment, plus the opportunity to sign up for Pro Online Mentor for feedback on your work. Give the podcast a listen for professional industry advice, such this recent episode on wellbeing and mental health.

Online Tutorials

This is the perfect time to delve into the world of online tutorials. Now more than ever, professional creatives (such as Aaron Blaise) are actively sharing their processes and techniques for the benefit of others. Explore platforms such as SkillShare, Skwigly and YouTube for inspiration and get adding new skills to your CV.

Screen Skills Online Events

ScreenSkills have launched a free package of remote training, workshops and talks led by industry professionals. The events tend to sell out very quickly, we recommend following Screen Skills social media to be the first to find out when the next events are scheduled.

Attend a Virtual Festival

Sadly many animation and VFX festivals have been forced to postpone events this year, however the good news is that many have chosen to stream films online. Keep a look for upcoming events, such as Cardiff Animation Nights and SXSW, and enjoy a virtual festival from the comfort of your sofa. Other fantastic sites to watch films and inspirational talks include The National Film Board of Canada, She Drew That and It’s Nice That.

Discover Free Software

VFX artist, Jonas Almeida, has put together this very handy Google Doc listing over 200 free software available for the creative industry. Magnum entertainment have also created an updating list for every free event technology training class, tutorial and workshop currently available.

AWUK Ed Resources

We have a fantastic list of inspirational books, websites and podcasts to keep you busy. Join our closed facebook community and get networking with other students, graduates and academics.

Seek Support From Your University

Finally, if you are struggling with any aspect of academic work or mental health issues, many universities now have a dedicated support service to help students navigate their learning. If you are concerned about anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your institution for advice. You can also contact the AWUK education team

By Helen Piercy, AWUK Education Advisor

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