AWUK Scotland | Launch

AWUK Scotland | Launch

On Wednesday 8th May, around 80 people from across the Scottish animation, VFX and games industries congregated at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh to celebrate the launch of Animated Women UK Scotland.

The evening kicked off with welcome drinks and general mingling, followed by some (lighthearted) competitive “Networking Bingo”, where the winner’s prize was a highly-coveted AWUK membership!

We were thrilled to welcome Anna Gregory, AWUK’s Regional Coordinator, to the event. Making the journey north to join the launch party, Anna took to the stage to promote the ethos of AWUK and to encourage membership uptake.

Following on from Anna, Sueann Rochester, the AWUK Scotland Representative, expressed her desire to create a strong community of women in Scotland, outlining the future plans for the Scottish branch, including networking events, master-classes, industry panels and discussions- all in addition to accessing the London-based events. She went on to reveal that members could also access discounts for the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Move Summit 2020 and World of Film International Festival Glasgow.

The continued enthusiasm and support from company sponsors, organisations and volunteers has been brilliant. Thank you everyone! We have only just started, but we can’t wait to see how the Scottish branch develops and grows.

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We ask Animated Women UK Scotland what motivated them to start a local chapter

We ask Animated Women UK Scotland what motivated them to start a local chapter

Animated Women UK now have a local group in Scotland thanks to the enthusiasm of local volunteers. We caught up with Sueann Rochester to find out why they wanted to start a Scottish chapter and what its been like getting to this point.

How did you first hear about Animated Women UK?
I’m not 100% now, but I think I must have read something about an event happening in London and I looked into it further.

When did you start thinking seriously about trying to start up a local chapter?
I started thinking about it seriously after catching up with Beth Parker during Annecy 2018. She was so enthusiastic and I thought there would be a huge benefit to Scotland if we had a local offering.

What are you hoping to achieve?
I think the biggest thing for us is to create a stronger sense of community. We are a growing Industry so the group will be there to nurture talent, share ideas and to look out for each other.

How did you find your volunteers?
I started a private facebook group and asked for people to add anyone they thought might be interested. I wasn’t sure how much enthusiasm there would be, but I knew that I would need some support to make it work. I arranged a meeting at Axis Studios in Glasgow and was completely blown away when 18 fabulous ladies turned up all eager to be involved. That was in November. It’s taken us 6 months to get organised but we are so excited to launch next month!

How is it going so far?
We’ve not even launched yet, but I think we’re already building a strong community.
The meetings to discuss setting up have brought so many people together that wouldn’t have met before – or not very often. Everyone is chipping in time and skills to get things up and running and there is such a fantastic energy. I feel honoured to be working alongside so many brilliant ladies to set this up. We’re going to have a great year of events to look forward to!

What would you say to someone in another part of the UK thinking about doing this?
Do it! I procrastinated for a few months wondering whether it would be worth the effort, but despite not having launched yet, it’s already been worth it for me.
My biggest tip is to gather a group of keen people to help. It’s a lot of work for one person but sharing it as a team has made it fun. We know work can take over at times so each task is shared by 2 or more people so that we can allow for times when we’re too busy.

Find out more about Animated Women UK | Scotland here.

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