Graduate Stories | Leana Mae Felipe | VFX Production Coordinator at DNEG

Leana Mae Felipe

The course you graduated from: Animation BA Hons at Norwich University of the Arts

Year graduated: 2017

Current job role:  I am a VFX Production coordinator at DNEG (Double negative)

What did you want to be when you were little? 

From an early age, animation and films have captured my attention, feeding my strong and vivid imagination. The creation/development of ideas that happens behind the scenes and the procedure itself interests me, therefore I studied on a course related to this field at University.

What made you choose your degree course and university?

My degree offered a diverse range of animation processes, such as 2D hand-drawn traditional, 2d digital, stop motion and 3D CG allowing me to test drive the different platforms. The exploration of various roles in the production pipeline, involved independent research and required taking initiative, self-motivation and a broad range of skills.

What were the positive / challenging aspects of studying your subject area?

The university has given us the opportunity to engage with the industry and industry specialist, therefore was able to prepare myself in various projects outside university such as the Random acts commissioned by Screen South and Channel 4.  I took on the role of a creative producer and lead creative, which has led me to understand and discover my abilities in fulfilling responsibilities in different levels.

 What has life been like post graduation?

I have enjoyed the opportunity to work in diverse environments and have established my role in production at a number of London studios. My experiences and academic background in Animation has given me the advantage to support both creative levels and administration production. I will ensure to continue exploring to enrich my professional experience. 

 What advice would you give to a young creative who is interested in studying a similar subject?

  1. Collaborate as much as you can with people with different backgrounds and/or in other courses, I found this very useful in developing flexibility in problem-solving and generating creative ideas. 
  2. Communicate efficiently and effectively. This is essential in achieving productivity and maintaining work ethics. 
  3. Dream big, set goals and take action. - this is equally as important as the above.  🙂

Do you have any tips for graduating students studying a similar subject?

It's not always about who you know in the industry, it's sometimes about who knows you.

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