Graduate Stories | Lucy Redman | Freelance Director & Motion Graphics Animator

Lucy Redman

Course graduated from: Animation & Visual Effects at Falmouth University

Current Job role: Freelance Director & Motion Graphics Animator for Mayn Creative 

Pursuing a career as: Designer & 2D Animator  


What did you want to be when you were little?

A Vet.

What made you choose your degree course and university?

Whilst I was at school I had an obsession with drawing and painting triptychs, instead of creating a single piece of artwork I would always create a series. I knew after school I wanted to do a creative degree but having only studied fine art, I was unsure what I would enjoy and be good at. I chose to do an art foundation at Falmouth University which is where I was introduced to animation among many other creative fields. I started to recognise my need to tell a story through several images, and discovered I was good at picking up software, designing digitally and making things move. By the end of the foundation year it was so clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career in animation and doing a degree in it was natural next step.

Whilst I did look at other courses and universities, I chose to stay on at Falmouth University. I had completely fallen in love with Cornwall and what Falmouth's course had to offer. Falmouth is such a special place and I would recommend it to any creative wanting to do a degree.   

What were the positive / challenging aspects of studying your subject area?

The best part about studying animation particularly at Falmouth was your opportunity to collaborate with other artists. I really enjoyed working on group projects and the dynamics of working in a team. You learn so much from others and it was great to offer support to each other and give and receive constructive feedback on how you could improve. 

Whilst I loved working with other artists when I started my degree, I felt so over so overwhelmed by all the amazingly creative people I was surrounded by. As an artist I found it really hard to stop comparing my work to my peers. On 'off days' scrolling through everyone's work on Instagram, would be destructive and self-doubt creep would in. Now I've taught myself to focus more on my work and how I can improve instead of others.

What has life been like post-graduation?

It's been really good! I've temporarily moved back home and am currently freelancing. I landed my first job working for 'Mayn Creative' as a Freelance Director and Motion Graphics Animator. I'm currently crafting a multimedia video for their client the FX Plus which explains their visions and values. It's been a really great experience and so nice to be earning a bit of money doing something you love! After completing this commitment, I have excitingly got some work planned with 'Bose Collins' in the upcoming months. I'm very excited and hopeful about the future and I can't wait to see where I end up. 

What advice would you give to a young creative who is interested in studying a similar subject?

I would 100% advise them to do an art foundation, as it was a huge part of what determined me to do a degree in animation. The course allows you to find and chose a degree which is right for you and your skills, rather than rushing onto a degree straight from school. You get the opportunity to try out so many creative fields, some of which I didn't even know or realise you could do a degree in! The year gives you the time to discover what your strengths and weaknesses are. For me I was rubbish at using a sewing machine but discovered I was good at animation. Doing a foundation made me so sure that animation was the only career path for me. 

Do you have any tips for graduating students studying a similar subject?

I would advise them to not worry and be nervous about life after University. In my head I thought the transition of leaving and finding job opportunities was going to be really daunting and scary, but it's turned out to be quite exciting. There are so many opportunities out there, however you do have to develop a thick skin when it comes to being rejected. I have definitely had ups and downs but can see if you persevere it will pay off.  


Instagram: @Lucyredmanart



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