Graduate Stories | Natasha Francis | Motion Designer & Illustrator

Natasha Francis

The course you graduated from: BA Hons Illustration Animation at Kingston University

Year graduated: 2019

Current job role: Motion Designer & Illustrator

What did you want to be when you were little? 

I've always wanted to be in the arts of some kind, but I was very apt about being a musician or an artist!

What made you choose your degree course and university?

After doing my art foundation, I wanted to pursue illustration animation as at the time I wasn't too sure what route I wanted to go down in this area. The course at Kingston showed a lot of experimental ways of working and how to think about making decisions which captured me.

What were the positive / challenging aspects of studying your subject area?

Having the chance to work on live briefs and collaborate with each other was rewarding. It really helped us find different roles and again to think about the bigger picture of each project.

 What has life been like post graduation?

It's definitely been a mixed bag! However, I've really enjoyed the freedom of being able to work on different projects with different roles. I've been an illustrator, motion designer, an art director and I've been teaching too. Being able to explore a lot more within illustration/animation and to find out what fits for me has been so enjoyable!

 What advice would you give to a young creative who is interested in studying a similar subject?

Doing projects outside of a learning environment kept me going! Try not to worry too much about social media, as it is great to find inspiration but I found it would discourage my process and I felt so rushed to make something perfect every time, when really I found a lot of the perfect details are in the mistakes!

Do you have any tips for graduating students studying a similar subject?

Take your time and take care of yourself!

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