Inspiring insights at the latest Animated Women UK networking event

Last week’s networking drinks and event on Wednesday 5th September was a bit different from the usual, as we put the spotlight on our unique Helen North Achieve programme and we were thrilled to see The Comedy Pub jampacked with members and attendees!

Named in honour of Helen North, who was Career Development Director at Animated Women UK and the driving force behind the programme, Achieve is an intensive introduction to career management for women across VFX and animation.

Now in its third year, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to find out what exactly we’ve achieved in that time.

Starting with a panel, VFX Chair Louise Hussey discussed the merits of the Programme with four of our 72 alumni. The panel, which included Evelyn Minango, Editorial Co-ordinator at Union; Isobel Stenhouse, Freelance and Production Manager at The Line Animation Studio; Micaela Winter, Production Manager at Blue Zoo; and Anne Akande, VFX Producer at DnegTV, also discussed the impact Achieve has had on their careers and personal lives

First off, Louise asked why the panel chose to apply and what they hoped to get out of it. There were a range of answers, ranging from confidence building to group therapy and networking with other women outside of their own companies.

The panel also discussed how they improved their time management, confidence, controlling their emotions as well as mastering more physical techniques like power posing.

It was incredibly inspiring to have so many of our members and guests attend the ‘Three Years On: What have we achieved?’ networking event this week,” says Louise Hussey, VFX Chair of Animated Women UK. “The panel of Evelyn, Isobel, Michaela and Anne spoke very honestly about their experiences in the industry, the challenges they have faced and some of the tools that the programme gave them develop their career paths.”

“We are very proud of our flagship programme, originally designed by Helen North, to encourage women in all roles, and at all stages of the careers, to really focus on what they want to ‘Achieve’.

“Many of our participants have told us how much they value the opportunity to step back from the day to day and have some space to think. One of this year’s alumni fed back to say that the programme was ‘Life changing. I finally feel like I am back in the driving seat’. So watch this space for more updates and announcements on the Achieve programme’s next offerings!”

Stay tuned for more info on special evening workshops based on the programme’s modules coming soon, later this year and in early 2020.

Written by Carrie Mok.

Posted by Peri Friend

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