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Become or get a mentor with Animated Women UK

AWUK is proud to present The Animated Women UK Mentoring Programme in partnership with Disney UK & Ireland. The programme is intended to connect students and professionals in various stages of their careers with high-calibre VFX & Animation mentors who can help to provide career advice and inspiration anytime and anywhere!

Are you just starting out in the industry and looking for some advice from experienced professionals on how to navigate professional challenges or roadblocks? Or perhaps you’re a working professional trying to make the next step in your career looking for support from someone who’s been there before you? Maybe you’ve always wanted to give back to the community and provide support to other women in earlier stages of their careers? If any of these describe you then the AWUK Mentoring Programme wants you!

Why Mentor?

Becoming a mentor allows you to give back to other women by sharing your knowledge and experience. You can help level the playing field for other women trying to break into or progress within the industry.

Our programme allows you to mentor anytime, anywhere, and as often as you like. There are no set time commitments. You and your mentee determine the frequency of contact and goals you are trying to achieve.

You will help yourself as well as your mentee. Mentoring provides an opportunity to reflect on your own career decisions, experience what it’s like to manage someone, get feedback on and develop your leadership skills.

You can build meaningful relationships with the next generation of talent.

Question about mentoring?

Not sure if mentoring is for you?

Read our FAQ which we hope has all the answers.

Why get a mentor?

Our programme pairs women with industry experience with women looking to learn more, and start or progress their careers within the VFX or Animation industries.  You can gain a great deal from getting a mentor:

  • Access career and personal development advice from women with industry experience
  • Improve your communication skills (e.g. listening, asking questions)
  • Build or grow your network
  • Develop your self-awareness
  • Expand your CV
  • Learn from the ideas, experiences, and perspectives of someone who could be from a different generation, background or have different interests, life experiences or expectations, stage of career, etc
  • Set challenges and receive feedback from someone who is not your line manager
  • Receive advice on developing strengths and overcoming perceived weaknesses.
  • Develop a clear sense of direction.

Questions about becoming a mentee?

Not sure if you want a mentor? We’ve prepared some FAQs here that we hope answers all your questions.

How do I apply?

Please note that we can only accept mentee applications from AWUK members.

Membership is only £30 per year. Become a member here.

Our mentoring programme is facilitated by Prospela.

Still have questions?

Want to know more or still have questions? Read our FAQs for mentors and mentees or email

Disney UK & Ireland

Disney UK & Ireland are the kind sponsors of the AWUK mentoring programme.


Our AWUK mentoring programme is powered by Prospela.

Prospela is an online platform that provides on-demand access to experienced E-mentors for career discovery, inspiration, and action planning. Mentees will enjoy live industry insights, build an actionable career plan and form or grow their professional network to help them progress.

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