Achieve Programme

The 2020 Programme in Detail

Foundation Workshop | Laying the foundations for your career development

Wednesday 22nd April

  • An introduction to proactive career management relevant to your individual career stage
  • Learning from the AWUK research and how it applies to you
  • Discover your unique DNA using Myers Briggs (MBTI) personality profiling to help you understand personality types, differences in working styles and how to improve communication and build better relationships. To get your MBTI profile, we will need you to complete a short questionnaire before this workshop
  • Understand how to make your individual personality and learning style work for you and your career
  • Establish a peer support group in order to achieve positive outcomes for all participants beyond The Helen North Achieve Programme

Workshop 1 | Achieving recognition of your career potential

Wednesday 6th May

  • Understanding the issues raised in the AWUK research and turning problems into opportunities
  • Personal marketing and communications – verbal and nonverbal - relevant to your industry
  • Managing your ‘brand’- making and taking opportunities to raise your profile

Workshop 2 | Achieving and exhibiting the skills which will enhance your career prospects

Wednesday 20th May

  • Exploring issues associated with (real or perceived) ‘female behaviours’, getting constructive feedback and working on it
  • Developing and applying skills and behaviours outside of your ‘comfort zone’
  • Exhibiting skills associated with strategic thinking, negotiation and decision-making

Workshop 3 | Achieving an improvement in the gender pay gap

Wednesday 3rd June

  • Understanding the marketplace and how employment decisions are made
  • Establishing your value to potential (and current) employers
  • Managing upwards – being visible to important decision-makers
  • Taking control – ways to negotiate a fair deal

Workshop 4 | Achieving a reasonable balance between your professional and personal life

Wednesday 17th June

  • Learning from successful role models
  • Identifying and exploiting opportunities in your industry
  • Building and updating a personal development plan
  • Exploring skills and techniques to carry you through challenging times

Senior Group Only | Presentation Skills and Action Learning

Wednesday 24th June

  • This workshop will offer the eight senior participants a chance to hone their presentation skills
  • A practical workshop with opportunity to get feedback on projecting confidence in a range of presentation scenarios
  • Action Learning to give delegates the tools to carry on supporting each other and others, beyond the programme

Workshop 5 | Achieving success beyond the programme: your personal development plan, Programme Finale

Wednesday 1st July

  • Taking charge of your own Personal Development
  • Building on your PDP
  • Creating your own support network
  • Ways to keep your learning alive after the programme

Programme Producers

Jan Armstrong

Jan is an experienced coach, facilitator and trainer specialising in women’s leadership development and helping individuals achieve their full potential.

Jan has spent her career in the creative and media sectors and also works as an associate at Career Savvy Women. She has led development programmes for Double Negative, Google, Independent Cinema Office, BFI and 20th century Fox.

She is passionate about building new talent and works with Universities to give graduates and post grads the confidence and communication skills needed to hit the ground running.

Before her career in people development, Jan was a successful BBC news journalist. She spent 3 years as Education Correspondent and has anchored a variety of BBC TV and radio news programmes.

Jan is also a published author and her book ‘Unleashing your Creativity’ (Bloomsbury) helps organisations to come up with big ideas to grow their people and their brand.

Marianne O’Connor

Marianne O’Connor is an accredited executive coach with a diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching from The Institute of Leadership and Management.

Originally an actor, she combines her coaching and communication skills to help professionals develop their personal impact and influence.

An experienced and highly skilled trainer, facilitator and coach, Marianne specialises in female leadership development and has a track record of working with senior and high potential women on how they can enhance their personal brand to raise their profile.

She is an associate with Career Savvy Women, working with companies to maximise the talents of female managers and leaders.

Clients include the BBC, Channel 4, Double Negative and Arts University Bournemouth.

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